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Aaron Ray album cover

Aaron Ray

Aaron loves taking his music to the streets, literally. For his day job Aaron is a busker in Ottawa's Byward Market, and can often be found there entertaining passers-by. Since he began busking, Aaron has learned that there's real satisfaction in going out there and working his butt off, keeping his heart on his sleeve and singing his guts out.
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Azariah album cover


Azariah Paris has been playing music since the age of 5. Drums and accordion were his first choice. By age 9 he'd played his first gig as guitarist in his father's band one New Years Eve. He earned $50 and became hooked ever since.

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AzemCa album cover


AzemCa is an artist difficult to categorize. Very eclectic in her taste, it has no choice but to reflect in her music.

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Bad Habit album cover

Bad Habit

Remington Park (Windsor, ON) – 1978, in the basement of a neighborhood Church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help; the first performance by Vince Shepley and Riccardo Santia. Santia on lead vocals and Shepley on guitar. They performed 10 original songs penned by both. The rest is history.
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Cander album cover


This Vancouver artist came to the city by way of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan when he was 19 years old. After taking audio engineering at Vancouver’s Pacific Audio Visual Institute, Cander teamed up with other local artists GWON and JJ Taylor to create A2D Productions, a group instrumental in helping him create his original sound.
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Carla Bonnell album cover

Carla Bonnell

Celebrated for her earthy song writing and style, Carla Bonnell bridges the gap between the generations through lyrics, performance and humor. She has been inducted into the Minto Country Music Wall of Fame and enjoyed over 8 weeks in the top 10 charts in various community radio stations throughout Canada.
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Cyphier album cover


Cyphier is an industrial/electro artist from London, Ontario. Consisting of Louis Cyphier (vocals, electronics) and Jason Norwood (synthesizers, percussion, vocals), Cyphier formed in 2015 out of a desire to explore varied musical influences.

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Daryl Bazinet album cover

Daryl Bazinet

Daryl has brought together his influences from the worlds of country music and Christian Contemporary music to develop his own unique sound. Have a listen. You won't be disappointed.
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Delaney Rose album cover

Delaney Rose

Canadian Songwriter, Delaney Rose is an inspiring, positive and engaging troubador whose music has been shaped by challenging life experiences that have transformed her creative spirit into a songsmith who delivers memorable melodies of hope and healing energy.
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DJ 151 album cover

DJ 151

DJ 151 aka Junior Bali has been a staple in the West Coast Hip Hop scene for 20 years and has unleashed his highly anticipated, all original debut production album titled "The New Vintage".
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Down the Void album cover

Down the Void

Down The Void is a Canadian Indie/Alternative Rock band from Toronto looking to make our mark in the music scene! Down The Void consists of its three founding members Claudio Borrelli on Bass, Niko Talovic on Drums and Lou Sky on Guitar/Vocals. The band takes influences from bands such as the Strokes, Nirvana, the Kooks and Cage the Elephant.
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Ian K album cover

Ian K

Ian is an artist that has always stayed true to his time proven roots of straight ahead rock and roll music, combining the use of huge guitar sounds, pounding drums, symphonic layers, and memorable melodies, to help create songs that are catchy, feel good, and that stick in your head.
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Jackson Reed album cover

Jackson Reed

Jackson has been involved in the music since he was three years old, first taking lessons to learn how to read music. He began playing the guitar at ten; “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles was the song that made him want to play.
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Jared Lutes album cover

Jared Lutes

A 17-year veteran of both stage and studio, I am Moncton, NB singer-songwriter Jared Lutes. With echoes of Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, and Blue Rodeo, my music can be tender and disarming, or hit hard with a rowdy rocking edge.
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Julie Curly album cover

Julie Curly

Her first English release Silk Stocking District tells the story of feminine power, and the strength of a woman who won't sleep her way to the top. The vibrancy of New York comes through in the catchy song and the video was shot on location in the Big Apple.
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Kjetil Landsgard album cover

Kjetil Landsgard

Kjetil Landsgard is an introverted singer/songwriter/recording artist whom writes and records in his home studio. Playing all instruments, programming drums and singing he has gravitated toward a unique sound and song arrangement. His music can be described as “seventies contemplative hard rock with soft verses”, and he is often compared to Chis Cornell, Jefferson Starship, and The Guess Who.
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mackenzie dayle album cover

Mackenzie Dayle

Mackenzie's music revolves around the idea of being an original and creative artist. Her daring style allows her to experiment in all aspects of her music. Mackenzie is never one to be afraid of being different. With her musical and fashion originality, she stands out. The message she promotes through her music is that "individuality should be celebrated". Her mission is to be a role model and an inspiration for "self love" in people of all ages.
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Michelle Simpson album cover

Michelle Simpson

Michelle Simpson became interested in music at a very young age, singing in church and local community organizations in BC (Vernon, Kamloops and Prince George). She continued to show an active interest in music throughout her school years, taking part in plays, concert choirs, concert bands and vocal jazz.
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Pat Belliveau album cover

Pat Belliveau

Pat Belliveau has an extensive performing background which has involved numerous performances at international jazz festivals and venues from Victoria to Switzerland to Panama. In addition, he has toured throughout North America, Europe and Japan with a number of groups.
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Paul Woida album cover

Paul Woida

Paul Woida is a "one man band" who replicates the full sound of an entire band all by himself by using loops played and recorded live on the spot. His music can be described as pop/singer-songwriter and he is often compared to Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz and Jeff Buckley.
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Q Divano album cover

Q Divano

Q has been featured on many tracks alongside legendary recording artists in the Hip Hop and R&B genres. Q has a multitude of unreleased tracks he plans to drop when the time is right. One, in particular, features Guinness book of world records longest freestyle rap record holder.
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Renita Zintel album cover

Renita Zintel

Renita’s first submission to a radio station in Vancouver late summer 2014 captured her a spot at where the title track Blues Breakin’ Out and the sassy “What Do they Say About You?” got her on the regular rotation list at the station. Renita is also receiving airplay with other stations across Canada and overseas.
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Roger Boucher Logo

Roger Boucher

Roger Boucher has been delighting audiences across Canada for over a decade. His unique mix of mind-blowing magic, wit, and charm draws you in and keeps you captivated. From unbelievable card effects to stunning routines using a variety of simple, everyday props, Roger has something for everyone, performing for such intimate events as the Saskatoon Festival of Trees Father-Daughter Gala, to the province-wide telethon Kinsmen TeleMiracle!
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Samson Brown Logo

Samson Brown

This young rapper was born in Langley, BC then later moved to Edmonton, Alberta where he started to pursue his passion in music at the age of 14. Samson started out in a group called Van City Kings where he eventually found the inspiration to make his own group called RealTalkMusic.
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Simon Henley Album Cover

Simon Henley

As a young teen, someone put a classical guitar in my hands. I fell in love instantly. Now nearing forty, I continue having fun and exploring the world’s cultures. You could say I play mainly Folk, but with a touch of Jazzy, Bossa Nova and World Beat, added to Rock and Blues.
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Solvent of Society Album Cover

Solvent of Society

Born of several established Victoria bands, enters Solvent of Society. Formed around the idea that the people of earth are equal and the disregard for systems that oppress and degrade others. Influenced by the grunge attitude and sound of Nirvana, the strong opinions of Rage Against the Machine, as well as the laid back musical styling of Sublime.
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Sophie Bijjani Album Cover

Sophie Bijjani

Maybe you picked her up when she was hitch-hiking around North America or heard her voice when she was singing at a fancy hotel. In any of these cases, a little bit of her contagious and joyful energy has probably stayed with you.
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Stephen B. Lawrence Album Cover

Stephen B. Lawrence

Stephen’s first full-length album is slated for release in the summer of 2017 and a tour across the province and beyond is being developed in support of this much anticipated recording, with a combination of tour sales and e-commerce driving the project forward.
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Symentha Album Cover


As an ultra sensitive being, music became an outlet for Symentha to tap into her passionate heart and explore the depths of her soul. From this space within, from where the music comes from, she becomes like a Love Alchemist and transforms her life lessons into songs.
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Teemus Supreme Album Cover

Teemus Supreme

Sumeet Jassal - an actor better known to music fans as Teemus Supreme is making impressions on Vancouver’s hip hop scene and beyond as he prepares to take his performance on the road in a cross Canada tour later this year.

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The Able Kind album cover

The Able Kind

With every live experience, handshake and cheers, people are welcomed into The Able Kind fan family. The band currently has 2 EP's released with a third on the way in 2016.
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The Nation album cover

The Nation

Kevin Bachynski and Justin Dahroug formally started the process for The Nation back in 2010 under the name Wild Uprising. Going through many members in 2011 they found a steady lineup that won the Saskatchewan portion of’s Band On The Run To The U.K.
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Tiffany Desrosiers album cover

Tiffany Desrosiers

A multiple finalist of the International Songwriting Competition, American Songwriting Awards and Unsigned Only Competitions, three of Tiffany's singles recently received acknowledgment in the 2016 American Songwriting Awards and two are currently Canadian Songwriting Awards semi-finalists in multiple categories.
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Tod Hughes Project Album Cover

Tod Hughes Project

Tod writes real music that comes from the heart, stories of love, hurt, happiness, fear, disappointment and fun. A message of hope is thread through the stories which are sometimes serious and sometimes a bit tongue in cheek. The toe tapping melodies and memorable choruses will stick in your mind for days after hearing them.
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Wasted X Prince Album Cover

Wasted X Prince

Wasted X Prince was born in 1994 in British Columbia, Canada. His mother is an accountant for a sheet metal distribution company and his father is a panel painter. Raised in various areas in Canada, Wasted X Prince is fluent in Arabic, Hindi, English and Fijian.
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young cap album cover

Young Cap

From a small town artist to expanding his thoughts globally, Young Cap has managed to get his name out there in the world. He boasts a rising fan base stretching from the west coast of Canada, to the east coast, into America, and throughout Europe. Much is to come from this young Artist.
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