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Laval, QC

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Dance, Pop

BOEMIBOEMI (pronounced bo-EH-me) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Laval, Quebec (a Montréal suburb) of Italian and French descent. From a young age, he loved to sing and dance and would perform for his friends and family whenever he could. Even as a child, he was fascinated by celebrity culture and would study all the greats of his generation; Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Madonna and the many pop groups of the 90’s. As his interests evolved, he eventually started to take singing lessons and study music theory and with his natural dancing ability, started performing at local variety and school shows. After finishing high school, BOEMI was eager to make it in the music industry. He started and managed a vocal rnb/pop group he named “The May Project”, a project which never came to fruition due to the lack of dedicated members. It was during this time that he began to experiment and learn some of the basics of music production. However, after The May Project had fallen apart, he felt defeated and put a stop on his music career to focus on his other interests. As he grew older, he gained an interest in other genres of music and became a regular in the local Montréal electro club scene, where he would often get attention for his high-energy dancing.

He was an early-bird in the tech-savvy internet generation, exposed to the world of technology at a young age by his grandfather who worked as a computer programmer, where he learned how to work computers and make his own websites. His knowledge and interest in the web, social media and hacking culture as well as his love for the art world, eventually led him to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design at Concordia University in Montréal. Although the itch to perform again never left him and after finishing his studies, felt it was the right time to pursue his musical dreams again. Using all of his skills and knowledge, he decided to start producing and recording music and has already started to gain a following on social media.

He is currently working on finishing his debut EP expected to launch sometime in 2017. The EP is heavily inspired by pop and dance music but also explores other genres. He has collaborated with different producers for some tracks, such as Urban Francis for songs “Live Free”, “Electric Magnetic” and Richard Travers for “Monster” and has also produced some songs himself. His vibrant taste in picking sounds and his particular choice of melodies and lyrics are part of what he calls “putting the show in the business”. The songs are fun and lend themselves well to high energy performances, and so he has merged all his talents to start crafting a live show. As his EP is being finished, he is currently in rehearsals practicing the performances for his songs and is planning a music video for the debut. He is also slowly working on a new project, the “Montreal Music Network”, a new content blog for the promotion of indie and underground music from Montréal.

BOEMI is an LGBT activist and has dedicated his work to promoting equality. He is currently seeking management and record label opportunities. Please visit for more information.


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