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DJ InEffect

Seattle, WA

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DJ InEffectDJ InEffect is one of the U.S. Northwest's premiere DJs. What makes this DJ a favorite is his ability to spin every genre with finesse. DJ InEffect got his start spinning records at a bright young age of 9, mixing records and tapes together using the pause button on the tape deck to match tempo.

DJ InEffect has provided music for the GAP Fashion Shows in London, Paris, Rome and Milan. Has spun the Backstage VIP parties for various artists including Outkast, Moby, R.E.M and Dave Matthews just to name a few. What makes DJ InEffect fans so devoted is his vibrant style and love of music and dancing. In the middle of sets you could find DJ InEffect dancing in the midst of the crowd enjoying the music as much as the audience.

As an American producer he has quickly built a brand for himself online. Becoming one of the premier producers in the Pacific Northwest. Putting out releases with staple labels such as GLB Records and Epidemic House Music. InEffect is just getting started.

We suggest you keep both eyes on him so that you don’t miss a beat.


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