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After Alice album cover

After Alice

After Alice is an Alternative/Indie/Power Pop/Rock band that is taking the music industry to a new level with their outstanding lead vocals, blended harmonies, classic guitars, addictive melodies and a unique driving force and edge that adds a new dimension to the industry's multi genre sound.
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Anissa album cover


Anissa has been singing professionally all over the world since she was a young girl. Her beautiful voice and emotional performances have been moving people for years and she continues to perform and record regularly today.

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Anna-Liese album cover


It is difficult to generalise Anna-Liese. Its music encompasses slow tempos, melodic guitar passages, beautiful vocal harmonies, fast tempos, heavy riffs (often reminiscent of punk and grunge) and there is definitely some Indie-Rock in there for good measure.
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Christina Alconcel album cover

Christina Alconcel

From intimate performances in soft-seat theater venues, to high-energy bar shows, Christina delivers a whole-hearted performance whether driving her way through the blues, stomping her way through dirty rock songs, swinging through jazz tunes, or resting peacefully in a touching love song.
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DJ InEffect album cover

DJ InEffect

DJ InEffect is one of the U.S. Northwest's premiere DJs. What makes this DJ a favorite is his ability to spin every genre with finesse. DJ InEffect got his start spinning records at a bright young age of 9, mixing records and tapes together using the pause button on the tape deck to match tempo.
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Ferdinand Rennie album cover

Ferdinand Rennie

After an inspiring journey and relocation to mystical Scotland, Ferdinand started work in 2008 on his album Liebe Traegt Dich Ueber Jeden Ozean, which was successfully released in 2010! It was surely fate that he met Rosemarie Gura, a gifted composer and writer from Austria who inspired him to go back to the recording studio.
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JMAXX album cover


Durban born, Justin Egling, aka JMAXX is a rare talent, displaying a deep understanding of South Africa's various black cultural influences. With a zest for R&B, Kwaito, Hip-Hop and House mixed with a flavour of Pop, he is preparing to explode into the music scene with a BANG!
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Maplerun album cover


Maplerun is a modern rock band based in Europe. Maplerun’s major influences are Metallica, System of a Down, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Coldplay, Radiohead, Katatonia, Godsmack, Creed, and Staind.
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Michael McMillan album cover

Michael McMillan

Michael's biggest influences came from the great story telling songwriters and bands from the USA. When you listen to Michael’s music you will hear the influences of people and bands like The Eagles, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, America, Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen.
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Michena Simon album cover

Michena Simon

Thriving singer and songwriter is the adept Top Hop and R&B artist, Michena Simon. Michena has developed a great likeness for distinguished artists such as Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Adele.
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Poetically Contagious album cover

Poetically Contagious

Formed in Binghamton, New York, Poetically Contagious started out as a performance group performing at Binghamton University and Alfred University before transcending from the stage to the studio recording the songs “Inspired into Stardom”, “1st Date (Relax its ok)”, “So, so, attractive” and “What I wanna be”.
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Prince Sherif Jr album cover

Prince Sherif Jr

With the humbleness I have and as an individual who is aspiring to be a role-model by influencing generations, I truly believe I deserve a chance to pursue the task of showcasing my talent and taking my potential beyond measures.
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Princeloo album cover


As a professional, dedicated, music producer and songwriter, Princeloo is looking forward to creating more of his masterpieces in the future for all his fans! Sit back and get ready for more, sick songs and beats!
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Tithonus album cover


Years ago, two friends started an experimental noise band which would eventually be called TITHONUS: Ben Overlaet (guitar/vocals) and Jan Van Woensel (drums). They recorded and self-released two songs: Movements and I Want to Disappear into the Black Back of the Night Watch (2009).
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