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NeonRose n The Invisible

Vancouver, BC

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NeonRose n The InvisibleThe Invisible being everything I sense, feel, hear envision that contributes to my creation. The eternal creation always creating even when I’m watching or listening. The Invisible are … as I always have since I was coming out the womb on a Saturday night downtown Edmonton, AB, I was ready to rock, dance and mess things up to take down the “Walls”, the human being is subject of buying into. Considering the night sky, aurora borealis wondering what shall I be? I love neon anything fluorescent; especially pink! NEON ROSE! Totally speaks to my heart, my soul and my body!!!

My debut song Feel your Soul and first concert Impulsive Intricacies was written about the confines of social/spiritual the human race abides by or not. This was most effortless for me, almost like a lucid dream existing in the Universe. My second song Pumpin Love was written whilst living in London. About magical effortless electric connections we all have access in experiencing with another equal being resonating in synchronized moments.

The music video was filmed about a 1.5 years later on the Cirque du Soliel’s ‘Guy’ villa on the cliff. He has made a Stonehenge much like the one in England apparently because he is aware of other life existence in the universe. I invite you and the Universe to my debut concert of the universe so keep your awareness open to all possibilities. I focus on combining the worlds of dance /music/ abstract painting channelling communication with the universe.


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