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Q Divano

Windsor, ON

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Hip Hop, R&B, Pop

Q DivanoQ Divano has been deeply involved in the music industry over the years from live performances, writing, DJing, recording and producing. Q has worked with Grammy and Juno award-winning engineers/producers to finalize his new sexy cool sound for commercial release.

Q has been featured on many tracks alongside legendary recording artists in the Hip Hop and R&B genres. Q has a multitude of unreleased tracks he plans to drop when the time is right. One, in particular, features Guinness book of world records longest freestyle rap record holder.

Top Canadian entertainment lawyer Chris Taylor said on stage at a music conference when a track featuring Q Divano was playing “who is this guy? He sounds like a featured artist from USA, TI or something.”

Q has also operated other music related business ventures over the years such as a popular internet radio station, music consulting service, professional recording studio and live sound company and has been blessed to do live sound for the legendary Hip Hop artist KRS-ONE.

Q Divano has performed alongside Fredro Star “Q” from the hit TV show Moesha and a member of the popular Hip-Hop group Onyx. Q Divano has worked with affiliated members of; G-unit, Wu-Tang Clan, Infamous Mobb deep and Queens Bridge, NY artists on many songs and mixtapes over the years.

Being involved behind the scenes of the music business for over 14 years you tend to learn a thing or two and Q plans to take all he has learned and pursue his solo brand to levels no one has seen before.

His release of the song Over Again was downloaded by 32 of Canada's leading radio programmers when it dropped in 2011. Q has been saying for years how Canadian artists are a hidden gem. Now in 2016 various Canadian artists are topping the charts like Justin Bieber, Tory lanez, Drake, and The Weeknd just to name a few. Get ready because this momentum has just got started. The future is here - Q Divano


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