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The Rekkening

Montreal, QC

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The RekkeningTHE REKKENING is a “FEROCIOUS” female fronted quartet. Their music is full of ATTITUDE and ABRASIVNESS with an “in-your-face' old school sound. THE REKKENING is definitely a think outside the box type band. Their versatility and style cannot be put into a specific genre. THE REKKENING's true staying power is in every song being different and keeping everything real and raw! THE REKKENING is the ultimate Party, Head Bang and Dance Band! All wrapped up into one EXPLOSIVE package!

Trasee Lynn (Lead Vocals/Lyrics) started THE REKKENING in 2008. Trasee brings all of her experiences to the table to breathe life into and engage the audience. Trasee's influences are: Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Metallica. Quote- (Trasee) My life has not been a neat little box with a bow on it , so why would my music?

GoReDzilla (Bass/Producer) adds a particular EARTH POUNDING sound that is second to none. GoReDzilla has played in many different local Vancouver bands over the years and his experience with live, recording and promotion is an asset that cannot be replaced. His belief in THE REKKENING is nonparallel and it shows as he has been in the band since 2008. His leadership in the band stands out in so many ways. His ability to move THE REKKENING forward is unlike any other. GoReDzilla's influences are: Black Flag, Iron Maiden, NIN, Dillinger Escape plan.

Travis Arnold (Lead Guitar) is an extremely talented multi instrumentalist with a keen ear for the sonic brutality that encompasses the sound for THE REKKENING. Travis has a large background in Jazz, Metal, Noise and Extreme music. His contributions over the years to the song writing and production has been incomparable since he originally joined in early 2011.

Matt Hewer (Drums) has a plethora of styles including Metal, Punk, World music and Jazz. His contributions have given the overall sound a huge push forward and has been a solid contributor since early 2016 backing up the angst ridden and aggressive sound that is what THE REKKENING is.


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