I am a lucky man. Why? Growing up listening to bands like Toto, Yes, journey and others, I decided at a young age that music was my passion! I played in bands and toured Europe, rubbing shoulders with some amazing artists and industry people along the way. I always wondered where it would take me. Today, at 49 years old, I am right where I was meant to be. Oh yes, for sure, I don’t play the bass like I used to, but hey, I have much to be thankful for. A 12 year old son who is the core of value in my life! Healthy parents at 81 years old!!!!! A girl that lights up my life every day and oh ya, I get the privilege of passing my contacts, knowledge and help to artists all over the world.! I am working on 6-8 international tours, working with EVERCLEAR  manager Paul Marshall, Stephen Wrench, founding member of Lynyrd Skynrd, a great team of professionals, sponsors and so many wonderful people, it would take forever to mention. Roger Daltry says the music business is dead! Ummmmm what? Not from where I sit. You see, the problem with that statement is that to me, if Roger is looking for things to be the way they were when he was in his prime, then it IS dead. However, I think it is merely changing and HE is dead! What are you making music for Roger??? Money only? I think you should slide over and let the next generation decide on how they will shape the business going forward. After the Titanic went down, we did not stop building ships, we simply learned how to build them better! That’s what is now happening! We are learning how to use the new world technology and it takes time to regulate. Back to why I am a lucky man. As the industry grows and changes, I am thankful that I can use my mind and talents in music. Every day is an adventure and no two days are the same. To me, that is why I am a lucky man.
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