Scarlet Revolt

Scarlet Revolt
West Virginia, USA - Rock

Scarlet Revolt is a female-fronted rock band from West Virginia. An aggressive blend of classic rock roots with a heavy, yet melodic modern metal vibe, SR “will restore your faith in rock and roll” per Cincinnati Underground Magazine. Fans often say SR calls to mind the sounds of bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Audio Slave, Heart, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Black Sabbath with a sprinkling of Rush tossed into the fray.

SR released their debut EP Awakening in December 2016 on indie label Factory Fast Records (NYC), and released the Cold Town CD in May 2017 on Von Artists, a Sony Music affiliate (LA/Portland OR). Their single “No Quarter” charted at #4 in May 2017 on Australia’s FM radio network. Nashville Music Scene Magazine recognized SR as one of the top 100 American rock bands in 2017. Band members Eve Marcum Atkinson, Phil “X” Crace, CJ Davis and Phil Hatfield believe that rock music should be loud, melting your face with aggressive guitar riffs and get fans singing along and dancing in the aisles. This makes for an unforgettably fun, and seductive rock and roll show.

Front woman Eve’s powerful, dynamic vocal range is rooted in blues rock and heavy metal influences. Drummer CJ was once a member of a Beatles tribute band, and even wore 1960’s period correct garb on stage. Hatfield is the band’s primary songwriter. Both he and X are veteran musicians who have worked together in various bands since high school. X is also a former national champion drag racer, who won the International Hot Rod Association championship at Darlington in 1999. Hatfield holds a PhD, and is also a nationally known historian and author, who wrote ‘The Other Feud” about his infamous ancestors.

SR has shared the stage with several national artists including Byzantine (Metal Blade Records), Axis V (Universal), Hour 24, and Black Wizard with regular performances in major cities such as Memphis, Chicago, Lexington, Nashville, Louisville, Chattanooga, Lexington, Columbus, Charlotte, Richmond, Roanoke, Akron, and more. SR plans to expand touring into the northeastern and western states and Canada during 2018, and plan a fall release for their sophomore CD, Vengeance.

“Cold Town kicks rock and roll ass!” – Duchess of Rock Radio, United Kingdom
“Best new rock album I’ve heard this year – Scarlet Revolt kicks your ass.” – Bod’s Mayhem Radio Hour

“A crotch punch for the ears-you’ll be singing along.” – Hold the Note Magazine

“SR will restore your faith in heavy rock – a Rock-gasm.” – Cincinnati Underground Magazine

“The thin line between aggressive rock and smart metal.” DJ Dusty Blades, Bulldog 93.1 FM Athens GA

“Cold Town is proof that rock and roll isn’t dead.” – Graffiti Music Magazine

“A bold musical force with a stunning new take on Poe’s ‘The Raven’.” – Pop Cult Blog



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