Athena Macchina

Athena Macchina
Nelson, BC - R&B, Hip Hop, Soul & Rap

My birth name Athena Monica Pasutti. Stage name is Athena Macchina. I was given the name Macchina from my special Italian friend. It means machine. Because of multiple reasons. I have been through a lot in my life where some people wouldn’t be able to take it. But i keep going. Plus I am passionate about music and can lift heavy weights.

Another meaning of the word Macchina in Italian is of a person on a theatrical stage with multiple faces. Which I believe also connects to me, because I feel I have many stages in my life. And so many emotions and personalities it comes with. I am constantly evolving and growing into the Athena I knew I was born to be. The struggle is real but very rewarding.

Let me share my gift with you.