Em McBride

Em McBride
Toronto, ON - Pop

Em McBride is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. He plays acoustic guitar and uses a loop station to make his music during live shows. He can also loop his voice which is something he learned from watching his worship team’s lead guitarist at his old church do it every Sunday. Not many artists other than Grace McLean and Ed Sheeran use a loop station during live shows. Em now has three albums on iTunes and a few singles that have been played on a few radio stations across Toronto. His latest album “Formality” has sparked the process of his upcoming 2019 June tour in Toronto. Em McBride’s genres include Pop music and Hip Hop.

Em McBride was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was raised by his single mother Judy McBride. Before he turned one year old, his family moved to Toronto, Ontario in the Scarborough area. Em lived a good life even though his family went through so many life challenges. At age eight, his uncle bought him a Taylor GS mini guitar and he used it for more than 10 years now and it was all used up until he got a new guitar of his own, the Martin LX1E which was inspired by Ed Sheeran and to this date is Em’s favorite guitar brand.

Em’s favorite hobbies are playing soccer, watching movies, getting tattoos, and writing music with friends. He likes listening to Eminem and Bruno Mars’ songs. As Em hasn’t travelled much, he soon plans on doing tours around the world and working with major Artists. His closet attire includes T- shirts, hoodies and jeans. So basically, he’s a down to earth type of guy and humble to call everyone his friends.

Em McBride went to Albert Campbell Collegiate institute for his high school years. Once, his passion for music took over, he put off going to university and dedicated his focus on making songs and performing. He worked for McDonalds for six months to pay his rent with his roommate while living in one of his friends living room and both trying to survive the reality of life. While his roommate put up with and supported his music passion, even sometimes putting his work aside to help him and book shows.

His overall goal is to get signed with Warner Music Canada and have the entire world listen and relate to his music, because his own mother and friends get emotional with some of his songs and hopes his fans feel it too and whatever they’re going through in life. His biggest dream is to contribute a big amount of his earnings towards charity runs.


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