Vernon, BC - EDM

Drawing on his Scandinavian roots and musical background as a self-taught instrumentalist, Zach Taralson the creator/producer/performer going under the name Enevold brings a banquet of sound to the music world with everything from the hard-hitting electro house single “Escape Flight” to the free-flowing ethereal piano and strings of “The End”.

Enevold has undergone the trials by fire path, solidifying what is now a more mature production of high quality, danceable, emotional, ambient, and fun music.

Being formally trained while living in Norway as a creative music writer, the sound of Enevold began there and continues globally with audiences spanning across continents.

At the centre of each album and single released, there is a meticulous process of honesty and transparency put into each composition, thus making anything from the Enevold vault a piece of the human heart behind the prominent mask worn by its creator.

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