Funk Exchange

Funk Exchange
Reno, NV - Funk Hop

It was a beautiful spring afternoon in 2017 when the funk hop super group that would quickly sweep Northern Nevada’s music scene met for the very first time. Founding member, Brandon Dolph had a vision to blend high impact funk driven horn lines with explosive vocals and sweat generating rhythms. That is exactly what they achieved. From stage to stage, venue to festival, Funk Exchange has continued to turn up the heat with sounds that can only be achieved by an eight piece well oiled machine. They have played festivals along side groups such as Smokey The Groove, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Mojo Green, Five Alarm Funk, City Of Trees and so many more. As they move from playing support for these amazing acts to finding themselves in the headliner seat they work relentlessly to bring the level of performance expected by their packed dance floors. Funk Exchange expects to release their first studio album in spring of 2020 to celebrate three years of success on stage.

Current Members:

Tom Appelbaum – Drums
Robert Cancro – Organ/Synth
Danny Paul – Bass
J.C. Britto – Guitar
Sally Welch – Vocals
Kaleb Berg – Tenor/Bari Sax
Tim Gay – Alto Sax
Brandon Dolph – Trumpet/Synth/Vocals