Jackson Reed

Jackson Reed
Calgary, AB - Rock

Jackson has been involved in the music since he was three years old, first taking lessons to learn how to read music. He began playing the guitar at ten; “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles was the song that made him want to play. However, he didn’t become serious about playing the guitar until the age of fifteen after he discovered Led Zeppelin. Now eighteen, he has devoted almost all of his free time to become the best guitarist he can be, and is ready to hit the scene.

Some of his biggest influences include Zeppelin, The Who, Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Dire Straits, Eagles, Van Halen, and many other similar artists. Though he is currently singing his own songs as of right now, Jackson hopes to quickly find a true rock and roll singer who can properly fit his music.

Some of Jackson’s other goals include getting signed to a record label, having many number one albums and singles, touring stadiums, and most importantly make the classic, guitar driven style of rock and roll a top genre in the music industry once again.