kelly J. Devoe

kelly J. Devoe
Winnipeg, MB - EDM, POP

Hi, I’m Kelly J. DeVoe singer, songwriter, dancer, performer, and producer. I started my music career at 7 years old as a drummer and singer. I played in various cover bands in high school and bar scene. When I turned 20, I decided to study vocals at the Alberta College of Music.

I played in a couple of cover bands and an original band called Fire-Star before joining a Van Halen Tribute called “Eat’em and Smile” singing Dave Lee Roth style. We were very successful touring Western Canada and playing shows in Montreal and Quebec City. After 3 years the band decided to split, so I decided to write hip-hop pop/dance and EDM music on the computer. All original music and lyrics.After recording my first Cd I auditioned for Canada’s Got Talent. The audition turned out “Awesome” as I sang an original song called “Details.”I made the semi-finals which aired LIVE across Canada.

That helped launch my solo career as an artist. I’m very thankful and humble to Canada’s Got Talent. After local interviews and getting that exposure I did a series of live shows advertising with my promo tickets and social media-Facebook and Twitter 90% were sold out.The Handsome Daughter shows were completely sold out, and fans were lined up a block long.Next, I started recording my new Cd called “Where’s the Hotties At 2.0” at Studio11-Winnipeg. During those recording sessions, something exciting happened.

I got exposure on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on a segment called “DoNotPlay” giving my name and an old version of the song “Hottie” got played giving me mass exposure. At this moment 767,000 YouTube Views-Check It out.

Next, I started my own small record label and released 8 songs to North American Radio through the DMS system. For this year a have brand of songs to play for the fans and re-designed my new laser-light and fire-show. I like to bring fresh new music and ideas to the shows cause my fans and concertgoers deserve the “Best” and the “Best Live Show Experience.”

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