Lucky Monkey

Lucky Monkey
Kelowna, BC - Rock

These guys bring about the realness and grit of classic rock and roll, yet right from the opening few moments the whole thing has something unquestionably new and exciting about it. The sound is huge, the energy at an absolute high, and the passion and strength of those vocals drive the song’s sentiment beautifully” Exposed Vocals, 2017.

Based out of Kelowna, BC, Canada, Earth, Lucky Monkey is a four-piece rock band hellbent on delivering their unique sonic blend of old-time blues-rock and modern hard rock with high octane, inspired live show. They are a band of brothers whose love for writing and performing music has propelled them to the forefront of their regional scene and knocking on the door of discovery.

Since releasing their debut self-titled EP in August 2017, Lucky Monkey has won over rock fans of all eras across Western Canada with their hybrid rock sound including three performances at Rogers Arena for the Vancouver Canucks and winning “Battle Of The Bands” at Grizfest 2018, which granted the guys a spot sharing the stage with MONSTERTRUCK, THE LAZY’S, HARLEQUIN AND BRET MICHAELS. With a perfect blend of soaring melodic vocals, hard blues-inspired riffs, funk derived bass lines and a heavy, groove-locked rhythm, Lucky Monkey is poised to take Canada by storm on their upcoming cross country tour in spring 2019.

Lucky Monkey began as the acoustic duo of Ryan Zeleznik and Cassidy Hritzuk in the summer of 2015. What started as a passion project of playing the grooviest cover songs to friends and family quickly progressed into a full-fledged obsession with music. Zeleznik started a small recording studio/jam space in his garage and Hritzuk found the young drummer Josh Evans. The chemistry was instant and seamless and the now trio rock group formed under the name String Theory in January 2016 with newly acquired bassist Tomy Thisdale. Shortly after joining the group, Thisdale was pulled back to Montreal and Zeleznik, Hritzuk and Evans began the hunt for the ever elusive master bassist. After a few suitors came and went, one man named Dylan Losell joined the fold in late 2016, whos skill and style of the bass guitar was a perfect fit. It was then that the band was solidified and seemed to be bonded by blood as the new songs they were creating seemed to come from a universal muse. A few months later, in March 2017, the band changed names to Lucky Monkey, which is derived from the seemingly impossible luck of how human beings evolved to be who we are. Since forming, Lucky Monkey has played all over western Canada and has amassed loyal followings in many cities and they are just starting to hit their stride.