Regina, SK - Rock

Newera brings a unique brand of music with flavors of funk, blues, and metal integrated with hard-rock. Two brothers Andrew Cottin (guitar) and David Cottin (bass) have been making music their entire life and have had an unbreakable determination to always continue to make music.

This determination is what eventually lead them to Joe Levesque, a closet singer who before joining with David and Andrew only sang in front of family members. Joe’s desire to be a singer is seen and felt with his emotions on stage and lyrics that come from his heart. One more element and probably the most important of any rock group is the drums.

After a couple line up changes, they came upon a veteran drummer. Dale Maguire aka the “Beast” was brought in for his sheer hard hitting heavy determination and experience. The chemistry between these band members leaves fans blown away with a desire to learn more about them! Their live shows have been described as very intense, very “tight” and full of lots of energy! They are influenced by many different people in and out of their lives and these influences carry on over into their style of music creating a relatable experience of great musicianship, fun time’s, and music that everyone can listen to and enjoy.


Band Camp

“Inner Demons”



“You Haunt My Dreams”