Royalty Spiiralz Jacobs

Royalty Spiiralz Jacobs
Toronto, ON - Hip Hop

Lemeise Jacobs aka Royalty Spiiralz Jacobs is a double edge sword delivering hard rap bars based off the struggles and turmoil she faced growing up. Royalty can also transition into smooth R&b “tha goddess” born April 4, 1992. This 25-year-old knew she had a passion for singing at the early age of 6.

She wrote her first song at the age of 12 and recorded her first single “Arsonist” at the age of 17. Spiiralz takes pride in writing her own music and often finds her inspiration from the cycle of life, relationships, friendships, hardship, joy, struggle and drama. “I am an in the moment creator. My lyrics display the ugliness, beauty and balance life has to give. My style’s versatile; I can be rebellious, soft and

Spiiralz born in Canada remembers moving around a lot with her family. She has lived in Mississauga, Toronto, and Scarborough before her teens. When she was about 13 she moved to Texas and lived there for about 6 years before returning to Toronto “I remember as soon as I made friends it was time to move again, music was always my constant companion.”

In a world where stability was not always constant, Spiiralz is very appreciative for the push and encouragement that her mother and rock always gave her in terms of her musical abilities. Her mother is a steadfast motivational support throughout this journey. Growing up Royalty always owned her natural and exotic beauty.

When she moved to Texas and was chilling with her cousins and her homies at the basketball court; few of the guys hanging out were freestylin’ when one of the guys finished Royalty quickly delivered her 16 bars and the guys started whiling out and saying

“Royalty is sick!!!” Lemeise embraced the name ever since.” Royalty is a symbol of power, class, higher status. Royalty is a solid symbol of the Higher power, Respect, and ambition that I possess, I never stop.”

Her name represented her being in control of her life patterns and the drive to be consistent in her growth and success as an artist and as a person. Royalty has learned to embrace every part of her story.

“The only one that can stop Royalty is the one that is behind the pen, creating the patterns for present and my destiny. Hard work is not foreign to Royalty. She acknowledges that it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Tough skin is a requirement in this industry; at times you can be disappointed quickly.