Teemus Supreme

Teemus Supreme
Vancouver, BC - Hip Hop

Sumeet Jassal – an actor better known to music fans as Teemus Supreme is making impressions on Vancouver’s hip hop scene and beyond as he prepares to take his performance on the road in a cross Canada tour later this year.

Collaborating with artists like Queezi, Chrome Scorsese, and Ara while working with DJ’s Durt-E-Kurt and Vancouver’s legendary DJ 151, Teemus Supreme intends to take it to a whole new level in 2016.

After writing his name backwards on a blackboard in grade 6 Sumeet Jassal became the infamous “Teemus Supreme” long before his venture into the world of hip hop. It wasn’t until grade 10 in high school when Teemus first became inspired by Tupac and started his long journey into music.

“It is an interesting process when we record in the studio because I’ll have a beat picked out that I want to record the track over but my lines or verses don’t always line up to the beat. So I kind of take a “see how things go” type of approach. The music starts and I start singing, I let the music guide me.”

In 2016 Teemus hopes to record many more songs and expand his incredible fan base as he tours across Canada this summer. Teemus has his sights set on eventually launching his own clothing line, and as a successful actor, also has aspirations for more roles in TV shows and movies, in both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Teemus Supreme has launched a brand new crowdfunding campaign – in hopes that his fans will put their money where their ears are and support this fantastic artist as he works to bring his music – and message – to the masses.


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