Vante Poems

Vante Poems
Ottawa, ON - Hip Hop, R&B, Pop

I am Vante Poems, an upcoming artist out of Ottawa, Ontario. “Vante Poems music is new, defined, and different from any other artists here in Ottawa, his voice sounds good on a track, and he needs to keep grinding.” These are words from Doug Crawford from secret society told me and my team when I opened up for him at the club “Bourbon Room” on November 7th, 2016.

At this point in my career, I need more shows, networking, and funds. I also want to build my local fan base. I have plenty of accomplishments and accolades all made in a year of professional recording. I am currently opening up for T.I. in January at the Liquor Store Bar. I dropped a collab album with 4 AM named She Ain’t You. On I am the Number 1 hip-hop artist locally and in the region.

I am verified with blue checks next to my name on Spotify and Itunes, with over 3,000 monthly listeners. I work and write every day. I dropped 3 albums this year which are being played worldwide not just locally. My fan base is around 1,000 worldwide not locally. That’s mainly because of the growth of my YouTube page. And I have only been professionally recording in 2015, that’s little over a year.

My music genre varies, that’s just the writer in me. I write pop, rap, conscious rap, EDM, hip hop, RnB, and dancehall songs just to name a few. But most of my music is geared towards females and past relationships. With my hit songs like “Man of the Night” “Worry Bout Me” and “Late Night Sh#!” I am brutally honest with my music. Fans know about me and what I’ve been through, through my music, even being married. I say things like “I know I have a wife and a baby too, sometimes I wonder what if it was with you” or “I want to get excited about someone again” People believe me when I write songs. And I believe if they believe your music, in time they will believe in You.

The last past year I’ve been collaborating with 4 AM. He is a producer who works at Audio Valley Recording Studios. He liked my writing skills, and at first, it was strictly business. I would buy beats, then record at the studio. He started to notice how my fans were positively reacting to my songs that he produced. And we decided to just link and make a project together. We are best friends now we record and perform together all the time. Although I may have more fans altogether, he has more local fans and I think that’s one great thing that comes out of us collaborating, we grasp each other fans. We agree that in the next three years is that we can generate enough fans to make enough money to be financially free. Please consider Vante Poems, because I will make it big really soon.