August Update!

Hey Guys! Hope you’re all doing well today! Just thought I’d steal a moment and check in with you guys to let you know what I’ve been up to this month, and what’s coming up next month.

So August has been a pretty crazy busy month for me, I was extremely blessed with the opportunity to enjoy a week in Kelowna at the beginning of the month with my wonderful Girlfriend, her family and my brother! Now I’m not really a vacation taking kind of guy, growing up my family never really had time or money to go anywhere or do anything, (not that I do no haha) so this was fairly significant for me.

I’m not gonna lie it was extremely difficult to unplug and turn off. I’m one of those people that feels like he always has to be working on something, so I felt more then a little out of my element. Despite myself however, it really was nice. A good reminder that sometimes you need to allow yourself to have periods where you just enjoy yourself and recharge.

Anyways that was my little lesson for this month.

On to the Business…

so a couple of things coming up here…

1st. If you haven’t already heard about JonsPod, it’s a new podcast I started at the begging of August. Every episode I have a guest on from the music scene (sometimes internationally) and we discuss everything from current events, to politics, to advice for new artists, or the inner workings of the industry or generally whatever interests us. It’s really conversational, and a great time! So if you enjoy podcast make sure you check that out.

At the moment you can find it on Apple podcasts, Podbean, and my YouTube channel. I’m still working on getting listed on Spotify, but there are a few more hoops I have to jump through for that first.

Episodes for JonsPod come out twice a month (the 11th and the 25th) so the next episode will be out this Sunday!

Click either of the icons below to check it out on YouTube and Apple Podcast

And 2nd My friend Kyle Cavanagh from Kamloops in coming through on tour!

I met Kyle while on the Rise Up tour, he’s a great dude, and awesome performer! Really excited to open for in September!

See the details below.

Kyle Cavanagh + Jonathan Vautour LIVE at Leanne’s.

387 Entertainment and Leannes Bar&Grill are proud to present Kyle Cavanagh’s NYC or Bust Tour live in Millet with special guest Jonathan Vautour!

Join us Saturday September 7th 2019 at 4802 50TH ST, Millet AB T0C1Z0 for a night of great music and good times!

Doors at 8:00pm / Show 9:00pm / Free Entry / 18+ / Food Specials / Upgraded Production

Check out Kyle Cavanagh’s work

Leannes Bar & Grill 387 Entertainment

Contact – [email protected]


I may or may not also be in talks with some studios about some new music… but more on that later!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this news letter! You guys are me favourite people, I love you so much!