Ha! Fooled Em Again

Last but not least… PROGRESS on the new music front: so initially I was a bit heartbroken, because the guy who produced my last EP is over the top busy with bigger and better things these days, and it seemed like the odds of getting him on board with anything new from me seems just […]

Single Release “Call Me”

Without a doubt, the song “Call Me” is sure needed for all to hear. That’s why Delaney Rose has chosen this to be her first single release as of September 16, 2019. Her music video on Youtube is very deep and artistic by the designing of producer Nauris Nikans. Delaney’s personal message for this video: […]

Fearless Songwriting

Renita takes the challenge of “Fearless Songwriting” seriously. “I love to collaborate  any style”, Her musical background includes singing rock and blues cover material and working and writing songs in original bands . I know how hard it is to  find musicians that will be on the same page with you when writing music so […]