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RiseUp TV Tour and Filming Season 2 – Update From Mark Rosner
Time is ticking away to get involved in RiseUp TV tour and filming season 2. In May 2019, RiseUp TV hits the road again, going coast to coast in Canada, [...]
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WOLVES IN ARGYLE: Oakland Grunge/Punk Unit To Release Dangereux Debut Via Tad Doyle’s Incineration Ceremony…
Oakland, California-based grunge/punk unit WOLVES IN ARGYLE will release its debut full-length, Dangereux, this January via Incineration Ceremony Recordings. Produced by alt-rock icon Tad Doyle (Tad, Hog Molly, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth) and [...]
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James Kasper of MightySpeck Records on Tour With RiseUp TV – 2019
After years of primarily releasing recordings and performing occasional, carefully selected live shows, James Kasper is excited to be embarking on the most active live performance year of his career [...]
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The Art of Offense
Hey, fellow sewer dwellers Louis Cyphier of Cyphier here to discuss an issue that has recently hit us again shocked not shocked. The art of offence and the Facebook era [...]
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Goodwin will be Performing Live Dec 29 2018 in Texas
This showcase will be LIT and there will be 8 performers covering Hip Hop, R&B and Trap music and they plan to blow the roof off this joint! Goodwin will [...]
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Sierrasil is now a big part of this ground-breaking TV
I am a music manager that handles over 60 artists worldwide. I have a great team of professionals that bring value to the Rosner Management team. That makes for a [...]
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Goodwin Speaks His Truth on Faith, Justice and Real World Issues!
Launching his new Video/Remix Goodwin touches on in-depth life experiences! Sending a bold message through killer trap/r&b beats, Goodwin speaks on topics such as faith, justice, real-world issues, success & [...]
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Sociedad Sur Album Release – November 5 2018
Sociedad Sur is a Latin-Rock band, formed in 2016. The musicians, who come from different musical backgrounds were brought together in the City of Montreal – Canada. Their goal as [...]
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What’s coming down the pipeline for Vante Poems?
It’s that time again. We got some updates from Ottawa Hip Hop, R&B and Pop All-Star Vante Poems! Valentines Day Vante will be releasing another album called “Late Night Love Poems” The first [...]
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Vante Poems performing live Saturday Nov 17 2018
Vante Poems is a talented Hip Hop Artist who knows how to elevate listeners minds to new levels with his clever wordplay and impactful delivery. Vante has an upcoming showcase, and [...]
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