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Omnislash – Bio
Omnislash is a heavy metal “power thrash” band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Cutting its teeth touring the East Coast metal circuit on debut album “Call to Arms,” the band gained recognition [...]
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Lucky Monkey EP Release March 29th
Lucky Monkey is poised to continue building their early career success with their sophomore EP “Nothing To Lose” March 29th! Written and performed by Cassidy Hritzuk, Ryan Zeleznik, Dylan Losell, [...]
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The Chris Ruben Band
The Chris Ruben Band is a funk/rock band from Long Island, New York. The group features five members; Chris Ruben (Vocals, Guitar), Brendan Allan (Bass), Russ Benjamin (Drums), Eugene Iovine [...]
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Andy Browne Troupe ( Atl, Ga)
“Andy Browne Troupe lifts from David Bowie, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan,and The Clash, Mixing the Masters like Dali, It’s Fun, Thought Provoking and diffenitivly Challenging,most important Very Danceable!!” Blast off [...]
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Fairwell to an idol
Electronic music has lost one of its kings; and not shockingly to their own hand. Keith Flint is dead and gone…long live the king. As an eccentric electronic musician the [...]
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Goodwin is sitting his eyes high with his goals looking to captivate his audiences sending a POWERFUL message in the form of culturally relevant hip hop music. Coming from a [...]
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Sarah Smith Shows and Songs in Europe!
Sarah Smith is currently on a solo tour of Europe which includes a festival show in Germany, a songwriting session in Netherlands, and a few other shows scattered along the [...]
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Getting ready for RiseUp
“This month I got to perform a new song I’ve written on “Late Night with BMS”, the late night show produced by Broadcasting students at Mount Royal University in Calgary. [...]
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Who I Am
My name is sam. I’ve had my fair share of hell in order to get where I am today, and I still have my struggles but I have now realized [...]
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Barry Bennedetta Rising Up With New Album and New Band “DeBenedetta”
Multi-Platinum Professional Lead Guitarist hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He started playing guitar at the age of 9 and studied with many different guitar teachers as well as observing other guitar [...]
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