Beelays at This Aint Hollywood

Wednesday, May 22 the Beelays will be performing at This Aint Hollywood – 345 James St N, Hamilton ON

Doors open at 6:30 pm, tickets $10.00

The Beelays is a soulful six piece, female fronted, Funk-Rock Fusion band based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each time they play their synergy and inspired musicality is tangible. In every live performance, sections of improvisation act as a catalyst for the band members and audience to interact and lose themselves in the moment. Beelays produce musical creations that seek to push the boundaries of everyone’s expectations, showcasing their hard-hitting talent and captivatingly quirky style. Their music is a boundless experience leaving you feeling uplifted through original lyrics, soaring melodies, funky grooves and contagious energy.

Having been a staple in the City of Hamilton’s music scene for just over a decade, the Beelays is comprised of professional, educated musicians who have recently produced a revamped direction of sound that has been well received by fans, old and new.  All six members are dedicated to continued personal and group growth with such a pure connectedness that can be described as nothing less than familial, making their collaborative sound fearless and boundary pushing. As a group, the Beelays are committed to empowering community through the joy of connection, and have revelled in the synonymous rise up of their city’s art scene and their own success.

Notable performances include Supercrawl 2018 on the mainstage with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, ‘Hoss’ which was recorded in Hamilton at Threshold Studio in 2018 and debuted on CBC’s top ‘3 New Ontario Songs You’ve Got to Hear this Week’ February 2019.

“More talented minions coming your way! It’s a genre hopping record with tons of influences bubbling to the surface.” – Alice Cooper…/alice…/keywords_search…

“The Beelays have developed a reputation over the last ten years as some of Hamilton’s premiere musicians.” Ric Taylor, The View Magazine, Feb. 2019…/issue-8-february-21-2019…/

“I can’t remember the last time I watched something so genuinely sensational. The Beelays are a force of nature, an unstoppable power that have to be seen to be believed.” – Cameron Tyson, The Brock Press, March 2019

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