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Goodwin will be Performing Live Dec 29 2018 in Texas
This showcase will be LIT and there will be 8 performers covering Hip Hop, R&B and Trap music and they plan to blow the roof off this joint! Goodwin will [...]
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Goodwin Speaks His Truth on Faith, Justice and Real World Issues!
Launching his new Video/Remix Goodwin touches on in-depth life experiences! Sending a bold message through killer trap/r&b beats, Goodwin speaks on topics such as faith, justice, real-world issues, success & [...]
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Sociedad Sur Album Release – November 5 2018
Sociedad Sur is a Latin-Rock band, formed in 2016. The musicians, who come from different musical backgrounds were brought together in the City of Montreal – Canada. Their goal as [...]
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What’s coming down the pipeline for Vante Poems?
It’s that time again. We got some updates from Ottawa Hip Hop, R&B and Pop All-Star Vante Poems! Valentines Day Vante will be releasing another album called “Late Night Love Poems” The first [...]
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Vante Poems performing live Saturday Nov 17 2018
Vante Poems is a talented Hip Hop Artist who knows how to elevate listeners minds to new levels with his clever wordplay and impactful delivery. Vante has an upcoming showcase, and [...]
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