Renita Zintel

Climb a Mountain and Bring Your Guitar!

Renita Zintel is a songwriter/singer that lives in West Kelowna BC. She has been a artist with Mark Rosner Management for two years.

She has endured many challenges in her life starting with her birth , she was born two months premature, She chose to pursue songwriting and singing as she was bullied growing up because of a weak leg, She was always singing as a child and started to  to go on stage and sing  because it  made her feel strong and happy  , it was a good way to communicate with others thru her songs the joys and sorrows she was feeling.

I have had to deal with a  lot of negative criticism of what I am doing with my music and have endured a lot of bad vibes from people close to me, they have misunderstood my intentions and have not supported me as a artist, sometimes it is a very painful thing.

Music is like climbing a mountain, you start the journey fall off the path, get up and start again, you have to be relentless!.

She has  two children  and It is important for her to be a role model and show them no matter what, always follow your heart .

Currently  recovering from a hand that broke last year and  she is  writing new songs and getting her hand into shape for guitar playing!
She has just released a cover version of Knocking on Heavens Door available on Spotify
under her maiden name  Renita Nadrowski.

Renita is looking forward to being part of the 2nd season of the Rise Up TV tour in Canada, meeting fellow artists, bringing her music to others and sharing  a little bit of herself  and who she is .
Music is about doing what you love and communication thru your heart  and giving 150% of yourself on stage.
What ever else happens is a bonus, go climb that mountain!

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