DaysAHEAD Introduction

Chapter One

I guess this is us introducing DaysAHEAD, and finally taking some initiative to promote our brand of music.
It’s a band that seems to have developed as much personality as the members just trying to hold the reigns of this creature.  Now we’re not even sure if we created the band, or it created us by some destructive process of evolution.

For singer songwriter guitarist Devon Kenneth Michael, life on the run began at age 14 out on the streets after a tragic family event, which lead to hitch hiking across Canada, being expelled and tossed out of numerous high schools, stealing cars, and experiencing life without any rules or restrictions.  There’s a long list of details that don’t need to be mentioned, except for the fact that just before his 19th birthday, after hearing “Would” by Alice In Chains on the radio one afternoon, he decided to pick up a guitar.  A moments inspiration lead to a lifetime passion and a sense of direction…

In the early 2000’s, bassist Matt Bond was an aspiring musician,  already showcasing his talents in various cover bands, and sneaking his way into bars to get the gigs before he was even old enough.  Dedicated to a good time, and a natural showman, it didn’t matter if there was a crowd or an empty living room, there’s just no limit to the fuel supply.  That engines been killing it full tilt for the past 18 years in numerous bands and projects.

In late 2003, Devon and Matt met in a small town apartment in Little Current, Ontario after a friend had told Matt about this misfit  kid playing guitar in the highschool hallway who needed a connection.  Had also mentioned he wanted to start a band but only knew a couple chords.  So introductions were made in a smokey green room, and the simple idea of a band was one step closer to reality.

It was a young seasoned party rocker seeing the potential in a troubled kid with a head full of songs.  The unknown formula, for an unknown result.  But the ideal conditions for the off chance of something worth having faith in.  Put your tongue back in your mouth after reading that twice with your eyes why don’t ya.

“Man, I only know a couple chords, maybe in the days ahead we come back to this and I’ll be ready.”(Devon Kenneth Michael)

“Only way to learn is to scare the hell out of yourself!”(Matt Bond)

So we called the band TYME WELL WASTED, and booked our first show at the Cornerstone bar in North Bay Ontario, played 3 songs, and WE SUCKED!!

…next chapter…