Fairwell to an idol

Electronic music has lost one of its kings; and not shockingly to their own hand.

Keith Flint is dead and gone…long live the king.

As an eccentric electronic musician the day that I first saw the video for Firestarter I knew what I wanted to do.   Incorporating the wreckless styling into my DJing persona as well as Cyphiers stage show…Keith gave us the ability to be ourselves.

As you attempt to understand it remember that when this came out there was nothing like it…being unique is something hard to stick to…so many people tell you to change your sound it will never sell.   For us that just drives us as it seemed to with Prodigy.

The sad part is that all the pressure your breath in and out turns into disease eventually regardless of success there is always a moment when you get down real down.   It could be a failure a bandmate not pulling their weight a moment of weakness do to illness.   But a second is all it takes taking a moment to remember you do something no one else can do and suddenly you remember the reason you do this.   The alternative is fatal.

In Toronto on March 9th we had the chance to pay tribute to our idol and the crowd didn’t disappoint.  At the end after pointing to the sky and I thanking keith for everything I had a moment if suicide can beat this guy what chance do I have.   In the end it’s you the fans that keep us going.

Open the sewers and raise hell out friends….

Louis Cyphier

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