Goodwin Speaks His Truth on Faith, Justice and Real World Issues!

Launching his new Video/Remix Goodwin touches on in-depth life experiences!

Sending a bold message through killer trap/r&b beats, Goodwin speaks on topics such as faith, justice, real-world issues, success & always fits a bar in for the haters. Raised in Whistler BC, He was going down the wrong path which almost led to death many times. It scared him straight; he wanted to live past 21. So he quit. Which is why he coins the phrase, “reinvented from a dark life to the good life.”

Goodwinispeaktruth is producing this video as a cover to the new XXXtentacion & Lil Pump song “Arms Around You.” It’s all his own lyrics (copyrighted), and the beat is similar to the original song, but it’s still different enough to be unique in its own way. This single is off of his Mixtape “Cracked Halos Vol. 1” which will be released early next year (2019).

The message he’s sending is about his dark past (mistakes he has made) and explaining that even though he’s a Christian today, he’s lived a major life of sin with the same issues as many people who are not Christians.

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