Ha! Fooled Em Again

Last but not least…

PROGRESS on the new music front:

so initially I was a bit heartbroken, because the guy who produced my last EP is over the top busy with bigger and better things these days, and it seemed like the odds of getting him on board with anything new from me seems just impossible.


I chatted with him briefly the other day, and he said although he is unreal busy, and he has been turning down studio work right left and centre, he’d be willing to make an exception for me.

There’s still a few details to iron out there, but it’s now looking like Darren Rogers from Flock audio will be back to work on the new Jonathan Vautour tunes, (at least a single) And I’m ecstatic about it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this newsletter! You guys are me favourite people, I love you so much!


– Jon