We are excited to announce that Rosner Management Services and Indie Music Bus have aligned for a strategic partnership in key areas of the music business. Two strong brands working together, with a vision of helping indie artists and label artists develop in the areas they need most! Indie Music Bus has a strong following and connections in many areas that can help artists connect with others in their field. Creator Walter D Hargrave, has shown a steadfast vision, as he has grown it over the years. Now the music business is turning a corner and there are new ways of profitability for artists and industry people. Rosner Management Services, based in Vancouver B.C., has been growing its reach as well, over the past few years and is now in a dozen countries around the world and has over 70 artists, all working together, with and for each other. The partnership between these two companies, will focus on artist growth, achieving sponsorships for artists through the Music Sponsor Network and collaboration in A & R and this is perhaps the tip of the iceberg! RMS is producing a worldwide TV show called RiseUp TV, being filmed in Canada in May 2018 and now confirmed for October 2019 in the U.K., with a US tour being filmed in 2018 as well. The show will film hundreds of artists from around the world, all travelling together on a huge tour bus for weeks at a time. Should be amazing! Hence, when we heard about Walter’s vision for the Indie Music Bus, it seemed like a no brainer, as the two companies seem perfectly in line with each other. In the past few weeks, we have landed sponsorships from such companies as Yamaha, Theo Wanne, Highways to Fairways, Musiflik and more! If you are an artist wanting to be involved, industry person or a company that is interested in becoming a sponsor on the Music Sponsor Network, our promotion network is second to none, as we have a huge organic reach, both locally and internationally. Check it out, and get on board for the rise early!





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