Rosner Management Services continues its quest to find the most talented artists worldwide to join the team and create opportunities and growth for artists! Anna-liese is the latest band and they are good! they are from Ireland and will be in a great position going forward. below is a recent interview with the band. Watch for them and be sure and visit the video link, as you really do want to see and hear this band!


Anna-Liese – “a four-piece Waterford-based band made up of 2 Kilkenny men, a Wexford man, and indeed, a Waterford man” – as presented on the bands Facebook page, formed in 2013. Anna-Liese is performing on 14th of September in The Workman’s club by Gigonometry is described as: “regardless of how you label Anna-Liese, you can be sure there is something for everybody in its repertoire”. Their music contains many elements and influences making it them outstanding performers: “we aren’t afraid to go into different genres and styles to express what we feel when we come together as a band. If it sounds right as an Irish bossa nova with elements of punk rock it was meant to be” – says bands member, drummer,  Eddy Blake. He represents Anna-Liese in the following interview:
Q.: So let’s start with the band’s name. Anna-Liese, what does it mean?
A.: Anna-Liese was the title of a song Emmet wrote before we became a band. We decided to stick with the name since it sounded interesting plus we aren’t the best at coming up with band names. Over time we just let people make up the meaning for us (not very deep at all on our behalf). So far people have said is it a play on the word ‘Analyse’ and one of our friends also said did we take the name from the German girl Annaliese Michel whose story inspired the movie ‘Exorcism of Emily Rose’. Which we found pretty awesome yet very random.
Q.: How did you find each other and come up with idea to perform together?
A.: We were all in the same year studying Music in W.I.T. Mark and Emmet were two songwriters studying classical guitar and Sean and I (Eddy) studied jazz as well as playing with Mark and Emmet separately. In the end we decided to all work together see how Mark and Emmet’s styles would blend together along with Sean and I’s experience together as a rhythm section.
Q.: How much of your life is dedicated to music?
A.: We love playing music as much as possible! Either together or with different bands and musicians.  So I guess all aspects of our lives circulate around music. It’s as full-time as it can get for us!
Q.: Did you play in other bands before?
A.: We all have all played in bands since our teens. All different genres, backgrounds and places which works well in Anna-Liese today. Kilkenny where Emmet and I are from has a big Grunge, Alt-Rock and Indie base. Wexford where Mark is from had a big metal fan base as well as folk as well as Waterford where Sean is from. All things heavy! We still today play in other bands to keep it fresh and get a different perspective in music.
Q.: What message would you like to send to those who listen to your music?
A.: Firstly a big thank you for listening to us! Secondly: Keep supporting independent artists! There’s is so much real, raw and powerful music out there! It’s so much better and authentic than most generic music on the radio today. Expand your minds!
Q.: Is it hard to be seen in Ireland where there are so many great musicians?
A.: There is so much talent on this little island! But that’s more of a good thing than a bad thing! So many places to play and people to met to gain new influences and sounds. It also keeps you on your toes with practice and how the music industry works as a whole. We are slowly figuring it out ourselves but without the talent we would be clueless and maybe not be talking to each other today.
Q.: Do you have any certain goals that you want to accomplish as a band? Maybe it is number of tickets sold for your concert, the stage you would like to perform on or just huge number of views on YouTube?
A.: Our main focus is our new five track EP ‘Stand On My Own’ which we plan to release on the 7th September. Our single ‘Stand On My Own’ has been successful in getting out to our fans and other people! We have reached over 7k views on Facebook and 2k views on Youtube which we are over the moon with! If we sell even 100 CDs at our EP launches we would be over the moon! We have many more plans and ideas in our heads but so far we are happy with our success, learning from our mistakes and ready for the future.
Q.: Where do you get an inspiration for your music?
A.: Mark and Emmet would get there inspiration from life events that they have experienced as individuals such as love, sadness, disappointment, experiences on nights out, spiritual, meaning of life. Everything and anything Mark and Emmet experience they are able to create something from it. When we get to the music we usually get vocals and guitar and we jam it out. See what happens!
Q.: How do you feel about upcoming gig in The Workman’s club? What audience should expect from you for that night’s performance?
A.: We can’t wait for this gig!!! We feel this audience will be open to independent music. So hopefully they will like what they hear from us! Shame we only get 30mins though!
Anna-Liese is going to perform on Thursday, 14th of September in The Workman’s club together with The Revellions, Modesto and Mike Paterson.
Babylon radio will be broadcasting live, don’t forget to listen if you cannot make it to the gig.
More information about the event https://www.facebook.com/events/314457889016664/

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