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Rebellious Youth Of Theory also know as R.Y.O.T. (Pronounced as Riot) is a hip hop group out of Windsor Ontario Canada, members include C.P.R., LaMatic, Blaze Jay, DJ Hayze, Zee Jay & DJ BraeKing. The group has released 3 mixtapes (“Rebellious Youth Of Theory Vol. 1”, “Rebellious Youth Of Theory Vol.2 : Breaking New”, “R.Y.O.T. For The Truth” With Wycked Truth) and are about to drop their debut album “In The Streets” date of release TBA soon with their first single of the same name “In The Streets” ft. Fraze Woodz set to drop May 1st. Before R.Y.O.T. was established Blaze, LaMatic (at the time known as “DJ Ink” or simply as” Ink”) & C.P.R. had started collaborating on music together as a way to pass time after school and they were later joined by DJ Hayze (known at the time as N3RD).

Even tho they never settled on actually name the collective of artist worked as if they were a group with plans to start their own label. The group would drift apart after Blaze, LaMatic & C.P.R. would graduate from the high school all the members had attended, although some contact between members was held it  during this time it would be 3 years before the group would reunite. First with Blaze Jay & DJ Hayze (N3RD has change his name to J.Hayze at this time) would form the Hip Hop Duo Blazin’ Hayze in early 2014 and would reunite with C.P.R. a few months after.

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