It has taken me a very long time in understanding my talent. I know i have a very different sound. I was always insecure about it because i judged that i sounded different and compared myself. But now i am accepting and embracing what i sound like and its a beautiful thing. As we all grow up we constantly discover new gifts that was are given. I’m from a very music culture based town. Which was even more frustrating to me to find that everyone i ask to help me record would either ignore or reject me. Wouldn’t even press play to songs i send them. For a while i stopped doing music because i started to believe i wasn’t good enough. I started to judge myself and my sound and think because of the rejection it must mean I’m actually not good. It wasn’t until i stumbled into a famous rapper named Tech N9ne who heard my sound and liked it so much he put me on his album. I was thrilled and it sparkled a light inside my burnt out soul.

Unfortunately it turns out he manipulated and took advantage of me. He knew i didn’t know anything about the industry and didn’t guide me through it. Not putting my name on the song or getting paid for it was a big let down. But i am still grateful for the experience. I then started to think maybe all the rejected from artist in this town is just because they didn’t want to see me do well. Which can be true. But i come to believe that the reason why i got rejected by multiple people in this town is because god has something better and bigger for me. I don’t mix with them and i am forever grateful. They missed out on not even giving me a chance.

I have also come to realize i have the gift of melodies. I can hear a beat and sing a melody so freely. And i know its something many struggle with. I want people to know that I’m doing this for them, so they can know that they can do it too. I come from a unstable dysfunctional family. But i have fought along the way to become who i knew i was always born to be. A strong woman. Who stood tall for other females. We are powerful creatures. And what ever you see in me that inspires you just means that you have it inside of you too. Just believe.