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Music Based Reality TV Show and Tour


RiseUP TV is a Live tour and TV show, featuring musical artists from around the world. The music tours and filming will happen simultaneously in Canada and the USA, with a UK version coming in the fall of 2019. The focus of the tours is to document what goes on when you bring together artists of all ages and genres that have never met, for a series of live shows, while travelling and staying together in hotels, along the way.

The live shows will be 2.5 hours long and feature short sets from the TV show characters and longer sets from local artists that represent the music scene in each city. The TV show will collect footage of the local venue, personalities and charities. Each attendee of the live show is being asked to bring one canned food item for donation to the local food bank. RiseUP TV will document how independent artists around the world are “rising up” and taking over the music industry! RiseUP TV is in the process of editing 6 pilots of the series filmed in Canada last year. These pilots will be released internationally in May 2019, through internet, cable and broadcast networks. The footage used from the upcoming tours will be collected and released early 2020 as season 2, with the intention of building the distribution network.

Here is a link to the latest network teaser:

RiseUP TV is unlike any existing show on television. The business behind the concept of RiseUP TV is Rosner Management Services originating out of Vancouver Canada. RMS has over 50 signed artists around the world and has grown steadily over the last 7 years since it’s inception as a non-exclusive management agency. Rock Solid Talent Entertainment LLC (U.K.) has also become involved and is now an integral part of planning for the filming and tour.

Sponsors such as Sierrasil health products and Cryptanite blockchain have helped immensely in support of RMS and the vision to create opportunity for artist’s. Another sponsor called Maxogram has brought something very unique to the RiseUP TV live tours. They have invented a business card that comes alive. These cards become animated when held up to a device such as a phone or tablet. The technology may change the way events are ticketed and promoted around the world, as all of the artists in Riseup TV will be using these cards as tickets to the live shows. This has never been done before.

For a complete list of the live shows, venues and online ticket information please visit the following link:

RiseUP TV is looking for media coverage or reviews of our live shows and the release of the episodes of season 1.

Contact: Mark Rosner

[email protected] (604) 401-2503