Chanelle Mantha

New Artists Surfaces from Montreal

Chanelle grew up in a very musical family, hovering around the piano while her mother played Christmas carols and original compositions. When she was about ten years old, she saw a dusty old box placed high up on a shelf in the furnace room of her childhood home in Montreal. As cunning as she was as a little red head who couldn’t stand still, she stacked up some objects in the storage room to create a make-shift ladder and pulled down the box. When she opened the box, she was in awe of what she saw. It was her mother’s first baritone ukulele with two broken strings. She fiddled with it for a while and eventually asked her mum for help. Together, they got the old thing playing again. That Christmas, her parents surprised her with her vary own ukulele, which was Chanelle’s first instrument. Her mum taught her some classics that she too played as a kid, her favourite being “Ain’t She Sweet” by The Beatles. Soon after, she started writing her own original songs, none of which made any sense to this day.

For the next two years, she was in and out of music lessons for drums to piano. When she was 12, on another magical Christmas morning, the last gift she was given, tucked behind the wall of the dining room, to her surprise was a sunburn Fender Squire. Relief settled through the household when Chanelle had finally settled on an instrument quiet enough for her 4 sisters to put up with.

At 13 she was inspired by a camp counsellor to pursue singing. She was intimidated, coming from such a gifted family, so practiced secretly in the garage. Her sister Jackie, a.k.a her biggest fan, started pushing her to play at all her family gatherings and was overwhelmed and surprised by the encouragement she received.

Now in her early twenties, Chanelle is ready to share her message with the world. She is working on releasing her first EP this year, featuring her most well known song “Odyssey.”Her biggest influencers in her music journey have been her mother who always pushed her to be the best she could be, her grandmothers’ unwavering support and her Montreal Fans who have always been there while she explored her niche in a variety of venues.

She derives her inspiration from what she can only call her spirituality through nature.