Omnislash – Bio

Omnislash is a heavy metal “power thrash” band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Cutting its teeth touring the East Coast metal circuit on debut album “Call to Arms,” the band gained recognition for its epic aesthetic of metal with energetic, over-the-top live performances. Winning the adoration of diverse audiences and converting many to Slashers, this five-piece carved its identity on the road as a balancing act of melody and grit; precision and raw energy; austerity and hedonistic fun. Combining this focus with a strong foundation in heavy metal tradition, the result is Omnislash’s sophomore album, “Slash ‘Em All!” This new 9 track album is a step-up in complexity and technicality, while retaining the band’s reminiscence of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Bay Area thrash movements. From start to finish, “Slash ‘Em All!” is a blitzkrieg of unremitting riffage and shred with epic air-raid vocals and complex, even progressive compositions. As the metal gods might say, “Look Out!” for Omnislash ransacking your town this summer. Join in the movement, and prepare to Slash ‘Em All!

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