RiseUp TV Building Sponsorships

RiseUp TV is building great sponsors for the artists involved in the Canadian tour and worldwide television show!! These companies are committed, not only to promoting their great products but also to supporting the arts, live music and musicians reaching their ultimate goal of international television! It is with great pride that the music Sponsor Network releases the brands that have committed so far! The fact is that business owners everywhere are stepping up to the plate to pledge their support for this significant movement and independent music explosion around the world.

Going fast are the big controlling labels, relegated to mere distribution networks and taking their place, is a new wave of artists taking back control of the music! These companies are on the forefront of literally putting their money or services where their mouth is. The Music Sponsor Network is in turn, committed to showing the world these great companies. They will be featured in the episodes and press throughout the process and beyond. More support is needed and appreciated, as we want to take this to the highest levels.

If you are a company located almost anywhere in the world, contact us to get involved and promoted through our vast advertising network! All the while, you will be supporting the work of so many talented artists everywhere. Together, we can build strength!

Email all inquiries to mark@rosnermanagement.com


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