RiseUp TV Tour and Filming Season 2 – Update From Mark Rosner

Time is ticking away to get involved in RiseUp TV tour and filming season 2. In May 2019, RiseUp TV hits the road again, going coast to coast in Canada, Eastern USA and then in July in the UK! with Season 1 episodes set to be released prior to the Season 2 tour, there are oly a few openings left! If you are waiting for a “big break” or “launch” from competition, the wait will be a lifetime!

Make your own “luck”. Artists should not be released into competing with one another for exposure and notoriety. Where would some of the greatest names in popular music be today if they had to compete with other artists for success in the public eye.? We are experiencing an explosion of success with our artists globally and our team is the best we have ever assembled! Wherever you are located on the globe and whatever age, experience or genre, we LOVE to help artists achieve their best.

The best part of this is we NEVER control artists, we empower them! Whether you need grants, sponsors, TV and Film placements, publicity, radio, touring, we have a great track record! email us today and get your career on track!

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