Rising Up & More

6 Am… My alarm sounds, I get out of bed, hop in my truck, and put in my 12hr work day. I come home, play my guitar, maybe make a video for Instagram or Youtube, maybe post something online, watch a movie and go to bed…

Wash… Rinse… Repeat.

My name is Jonathan Vautour, and that has been my life for the last few years. If you should know anything about me at all, it should probably be that I love nothing more then writing, and playing and playing my music.

For the last 6 years, I’ve been doing the best I can to pay bills, and still work on my career and do what I love. But for lack of better words…

“It’s hard to sing when you can’t find the air to breathe.”

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t see myself as a victim of fate, just someone who’s learned that success has to be earned, and opportunities need to seize.

And that’s actually why I’m so optimistic about what’s coming for this year! Big things are coming, changes are happening, and I’m not looking back.

I’m so excited to be working with RMS and The Rise Up tour this May! In addition to that I’ve got a band I’ll be travelling with, Logan and G are phenomenal musicians, and I’m proud to say I consider them my brothers.

You’ll get to meet them on the Rise Up tour in May, and even our mini Alberta tour “Up Close & Personal” in April, where every show is in a small coffee shop, pub and super intimate. (More Dates coming)

To see when we’re gonna be playing in your home town (Or the town over) head over to

Big things are happening. And we’re not looking back.

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