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World Music Stage

Breaking the Sound Barrier

World Music Stage and World Music Stage/Radio are to become the juggernauts of new music distribution.  There’s a reason our tagline reads: “Breaking the Sound Barrier”.  It’s because we’re on a mission to break through existing barriers using the best in digital technology and a wealth of creative disruption to power up a new music industry paradigm where the music is what matters most!     

Quickly evolving into the fastest growing digital and radio platform for independent music, World Music Stage is all about new music, the emerging artists that make the music and the fans that support them.  From the internet and social media to World Music Stage Radio we take exciting musical talent from around the globe and channel it to every corner of the world and straight to your playlist with a download that directly supports the artist. 

Our goal was and is to give users the ability to connect in a genuine way through their love of music, locally and globally, and to create a platform that put the power of music back in the hands of the artists and fans.  Great music is meant to be shared; after all it is the universal language of the world. 

It’s time indie artists were given a voice and music fans were treated to something awesome to enjoy, because there’s nothing like igniting discoveries in the power of music!           


The World Music Stage Radio Show, hosted by Hall of Fame radio personality Dave Pratt, is where indie music comes alive!  We’re breaking the sound barrier for every artist who dreamt they could and every fan who knew them when. Be part of the change being broadcast around the world on World Music Stage Radio.       

Every Saturday expect to be amazed as you tune in to hear legendary radio performer Dave Pratt as he introduces World Music Stage Radio’s top 10 weekly picks, hosts interviews with celebrity guests and emerging artists. Connect via satellite radio and mobile/internet platforms as we get right to the good stuff; music from every genre, culture and country.  No homogenized music on this station!  Here is where you connect with the best new talent you’ve ever heard as their sound touches the world.   

World Music Stage Radio is your conduit to the world’s best new music and the platform for artists looking for their lucky break. Every well-known artist started ‘somewhere;’ we plan to be the somewhere’ that is everywhere for every music artists out there who dared to believe in their dream. We believe in them and so will you!  Join us in breaking the sound barrier.

Dave Pratt is the owner of Star Worldwide Networks, the fastest growing internet radio and TV Network in the nation. www.StarWorldwideNetworks.comThe network produces and distributes shows from all over the world, plus the network creates audio and TV commercials for some of the biggest advertisers in the industry

The Morning Mayor has been waking up Arizona for over 3 decades including 20 years on KUPD, creating The Big Red Radio and America’s Rock Station of the Year, and later KZON that quickly became the most listened to rock station in the history of Arizona, where Dave shared the drive time spotlight with Howard Stern.

In 2003, Dave transitioned to country as the leader of KMLE Country for over 6 years, creating the “KMLE Nation” and again being recognized nationally by the CMA as Major Market Personality of the Year.

Over 3 decades, “Dave Pratt in the Morning” achieved #1 ratings and revenue in both the rock and country formats while helping to raise millions of dollars for Arizona charities.

During his career, Dave has enjoyed serving as a consultant for many radio shows in the largest markets across the nation. His personal consultation has helped develop some of the biggest names in the radio industry today.

“The Morning Mayor” can now be heard on Star Worldwide Networks and various radio stations throughout the country. His daily morning show is live at 9AM MST and streamed worldwide on the internet, the state of the art Star Worldwide Networks mobile app, iTunes and on all forms of new media technology. His show is on demand 24/7.  As Dave says, “I appreciate my long career in old school radio, but the future of entertainment is in all forms of new media as well as traditional”. And of course, Dave has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on his social media sites and data bases.

Star Worldwide Networks continues to grow by producing and distributing shows from outside of Arizona, including nearly every state and every continent

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