Sarah Smith Shows and Songs in Europe!

Sarah Smith is currently on a solo tour of Europe which includes a festival show in Germany, a songwriting session in Netherlands, and a few other shows scattered along the grassy spring fields of Europe.

Sarah’s main goal while overseas is to work with a Producer in the Netherlands to create some new music.
She has also been busy back in her hometown of London, ON, creating and perfecting songs with her band and getting ready to hit the studio to record an entire new album.
The album’s tentative title is “The Great Reveal”, but things may change as the sound of the album shapes up.

What’s new for Sarah this week?  Check out her audio and video for 2 new releases:

“Quite the Woman” was released on International Women’s Day and features a video collage of fan’s photos of women who inspired or still inspire them to this day.
“Here Comes the Rain Again” was released on Juno week, and features her Euro band’s rendition of this Eurythmic’s classic.

But in the biggest news of all, Sarah’s Facebook has disappeared!!  eeeek.  Instagram and Twitter and the best ways to get her these days.

In LOVE and LIGHT.  Let’s do this!

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