Sierrasil is now a big part of this ground-breaking TV

I am a music manager that handles over 60 artists worldwide. I have a great team of professionals that bring value to the Rosner Management team. That makes for a great living and a great life, working with today’s most talented artists and industry people. What does all of this mean for my quality of life? Well, it doesn’t mean much if I am not healthy. A few years ago I met Michael Bentley. We became friends and began to converse on a variety of subjects as friends do. Not long after that, I learned that he owns a company called Sierrasil. I wanted to learn more about it and did some research online. It turns out that Sierrasil would become a regular part of my health choices!  As a man over 50, I need to be active but also I need to give my joint and bones a little extra help, to stay strong and of course, keep the struggle of stiffness and joint pain under control. I noticed a difference within the first week of using it, and I haven’t stopped since. It has been two years now.  Sierrasil, (all natural products), are also a company that supports the arts and so I approached them about sponsoring musicians that we are working with. It was no surprise that they stepped up and became involved in our TV show “RiseUp” TV. Sierrasil is now a big part of this ground-breaking TV show based on the lives of artists around the world. Thank you Sierrasil and we are looking forward to a long relationship with you! At RMS, we want to extend an invitation to all of you that have experienced joint pain, to visit their website and read up on it. The products are available in health food stores nationally. Thanks again Sierrasil!

Website Link: https://www.sierrasil.ca/

RiseUp TV Trailer:

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