Smoking Ink – All At Once

In the last days of last month, Smoking Ink came in with a new victory as Shaun won his first beat battle with DMS (Da Main Source ) which is a huge thing here in Montreal.
For anyone who doesn’t know Flix the Phoenix makes his own beats under the name Rozwel Beats and they are fire!

He actually just released a free album on Soundcloud! Check em’ out here! 

Coming soon this month is a whole load of new merchandise as well. We’ll provide links for all that in next months blog when everything is stabilized.

Furthermore, we are lyric and beat ready to start putting down the nitty gritty for our upcoming album. We’re aiming at a release date right before the next year. Everything is exciting and stressful at the same time.

Next show coming up soon in November thanks to Rosner once again.

Keep tuned for all the deets. One Love.