Smoking Ink – The Beginning

Rap Duo Smoking Ink, composed of Flix P the Phoenix and Haché has been rolling for about a year now, with over 12 recorded tracks and a series of energetic shows. The pace has been picking up for us recently as we start doing collaborations, getting more involved on stages, getting ready for our first music video, and not to mention our merchandise is now available online! We’ve also just been placed under the care of R.M.S management and forever are grateful for everything they offer and do for us. Currently, only 3 tracks and one collaboration have been released while we ready our upcoming album. Honestly we can say everyday is a new day.

It’s exciting, it’s fresh and we spend it doing what we love. We focus on our dreams because we live them. Everything is a choice these days. From the very beginning playing small crowds to playing night clubs in Montreal, two things always stayed the same and will always be the fundamentals of Smoking Ink ; Brotherhood, our mutual love and understanding for music, the ability stay determined , and our gaddam love for money.

So keep in the loop. Check out the merchandise, get in touch, follow us everywhere from insta to facebook to spotify to apple pay. We do this for everybody.

One love

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