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* Bigtime Radio, TV & Entertainment, is the brain child of these live concert tours and filming. It documents the tour and behind the scenes footage of multiple artists of all genres and experience levels as they travel and live together for 8 days. It focuses on they’re unique personal stories, the trials of being on the road and even the interaction of genres and experience levels as they learn from each other.

* Here is a link to the season 1 teaser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PYqty 0djk

* Season 1, episode 1 has just been released on demand, with the next 5 pilots coming out throughout the summer. Season 2 has already been filmed in the spring of 2019. Season 3 will be filmed in expanded locations including 14 cities in Canada, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, the UK and the Philippines. The on demand link to season 1 is here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/riseuptv

RiseUP TV has achieved sponsorships / endorsements thus far with Yamaha, Theo Wanne , Maxogram , Sierrasil , Crypanite , Niagara Number Crunchers, Long and McQuade, TDC and Best Western Hotels among others.

Promotion will continue to build after the releases, as future fans will enjoy the series and revert back to other seasons!!

RiseUpTV is also strongly focused on local and regional promotions, as we have street teams and contacts that act locally to spread the word.

Benefits of sponsoring

• Funding donated goes directly to targeted marketing campaigns for both your company and products!

• First and foremost, we ensure that all campaigns maintain your existing branding, demographic and targeted customers.

• This is ensured on all fronts including but not limited to the TV show episodes, press releases, paid internet ads, copyright experts, all social media platforms and the actual networks who are involved in the distribution! If your company is more locally based, we target local marketing, if you are regional, national or international, the scope and targeting will be adjusted to the appropriate clientele.

• To ensure that artists are receiving support directly from the sponsorship, artists will receive support from RiseUP TV in the most important aspect of their own situation. The sponsorship can be in funding, endorsements, services or products. The artist(s) will receive the support they need in whatever form the sponsorship comes in.

• The level of sponsorship funds or services donated, the more advertising and exposure we can achieve for you!

• The “ is that these funds help artists get their music and individual stories out to the world

• RiseUp TV supports food banks and other charities through our press and TV shows, reaching local people in the cities and towns where we bring live shows! Upon request, we can add any charities into the actual episodes!

• An example of how RiseUP TV is working with a particular sponsor and artists, to create opportunities for both! It is Maxogram ! Click link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNLP0g_ZFx0&feature=youtu.be

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