Mark Rosner1

Mark RosnerCEO/Founder

Mark Rosner has been in the music business since 1993. His experience started as a musician, touring the world extensively in bands and working in studios as a professional Bass player and producer/engineer.

In 2011 he began managing artists and building a unique brand of artist management through his company “Rosner Management Services”. His management company has grown to over 70 artists worldwide, partnerships with charity’s such as Autism Canada, sponsorships with Sony, Best Western Hotels, Sierrasil, Yamaha and more.

Mark has worked in every aspect of the music business and has an in-depth understanding of where it is headed. After building a successful management company, Mark began work in Television, creating RiseUP TV in 2017, which is now reaching a global audience with a unique brand of marketing, charity work and outreach.

Mark is uniquely positioned to handle every area of management for artists of all ages, genres and levels. Mark brings a new level of business, and will constantly prove to be a game-changer in the entertainment and music business.

Phil TaylorCEO/Co-Owner/Co-Founder of Rock Solid Talent Entertainment & Executive Producer at RiseUp TV

Phil works on individual projects with solo artists & bands -Management, Development. Promotions, Mentoring, & Brand Endorsements.

The first artist Phil Taylor developed was Sophia Radisch. Phil said – “Sophia was a blast to work with. I was her developer, mentor, manager, promoter, Agent and friend”.

Phil started working with Sophia at her tender age of 13, and he seen her through both her debut & sophomore albums, which he arranged for her as well as arranged her session players the famous Drover brothers, Glen & Shawn Drover formerly of Megadeth.

Both albums were released through Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Record Label which both Phil & Sophia founded and own”.

In addition Phil Taylor was also manager of all the bands & artists that have released their singles and albums through Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Record Label 35 albums to date.

Phil’s current projects are managing PaRaDoX & Kenzé

Jason Cremasco Part Owner of RMS & President of Southern Holdings Ltd.

Jason Cremasco / Angelo has played & Recorded numerous shows with a Band called the Memphis Train Union playing Rockin roll & folk / country Tunes available at CD baby etc.

Before that played a ska band with A Band Called D. Groove and Voodoo machines that started out as three piece guitar bass and Drums playing Latin Jazz , sublime to the Grateful dead . Then eventually had 7 piece band at time adding brass section and keys . Those days we we’re playing 3 hour shows . Having a good time , also wrote a lot originals with those guys.

Jason Cremasco also extensive experience in the music industry as a stage hand for working Flashpoint Productions setting up for Artists such as the Ramones, Talking Heads, Death Angel, Testament, Reggae Sun Splash ( Tampa), The Cramps and Many More in Artist. Also Currently Working in  Management and booking in addition to being a Artist and Composer!

Dave Yablecki – A&R Rep

Dave Yablecki, a former Financial Planner, was born in Fort William/Thunder Bay, Ontario, and grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

In 1995 he moved to Victoria, BC. and now resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

He possesses over 37 years’ experience in the areas of Marketing, Promotions, Consulting, Administration, Management, Writing and Website/Graphic Design.

The various Management and Administrative positions he has held have enabled him to serve on the Board of Directors and various committees of several charitable organizations, notably the following:

-Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of Winnipeg
-Opportunities for the Disabled Foundation of British Columbia

Dave has considerable experience in the creation, proof reading and revision of newsletters, website content, fliers and brochures; as well as business and legal documents, such as Exclusive Distribution agreements, Non-Disclosure/Non-Competition agreements, Marketing and Entertainment Performance agreements, Professional Service agreements and various other Contractual agreements.

In 2010, Dave launched “The Comedy Gazette,” a local Comedy publication distributed to numerous restaurants, coffee shops and various other locations throughout Victoria, BC.

It was this “Comedy Connection” that inspired Dave to begin performing stand-up comedy at various venues in 2011.

In 2012, he realized that his experience and skills could be better utilized by marketing and promoting the talented, yet “Undiscovered” Entertainers that he had met during this time.

So, in 2013 he launched Legacy Artist Management (now Show-Case Entertainment) and began offering Consultant and Management services to Artists and Entertainers.

Those who know him best would likely say that his chief strengths are Creativity, Integrity, Tenacity and his Innate Acumen in the realm of Administration, Marketing/Sales and Promotion.