Technology and its Enormous Impact on The Music Industry!

Technology And It’s Enormous Impact On The Music Industry!

Music has been a source of entertainment and joy for people for as long as we can remember. Over the last 50 years or so, music has been commercialized and developed into a very lucrative industry.

Record labels were the masters that dominated this industry. They had the resources, connections and money to take music to the commercialized level for public consumption.

In the days of getting signed by a label to achieve success in this industry, you needed talent and lady luck on your side to be able to stand out enough for a label to take a chance on you. As time went along and technology changed, the industry labels had to adapt to make sure their returns were still coming in alongside these massive changes and new opportunities came about for artists to get discovered.

Music was a staple for entertainment since ancient times.

It all started with live music, in amphitheaters and concert halls, this display of music has been around for thousands of years and the ancient Greeks were masters of this era.

Then came the age of gramophone and vinyl recorded music. Music became more personal at this stage of evolution. Now people can quickly build a collection of music they like and enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

Radio was a huge outlet for music lovers, at this time people did not have Televisions so this is where you could find news, read along, public address broadcasts and of course music. Some families used to sit around the radio and listen to their favourite programs the same way we watch television today.

8-track came after radio, too bad this media was short-lived as compact cassette took over. 8-track is was popular in USA in 1960 for a short time only.

Next, is the cassette era, everything from car stereos, the Walkman, and boomboxes became a lifestyle for music lovers. Music stores bloomed everywhere, and registers were  ringing while musicians were singing.

Digital changed the game.

Once again, the media type changed but at least cassette lasted longer then 8-track. CD (Compact Disk) took its place and the sound was so clean and pristine, this phase revolutionized music. The recording studios were also evolving and introducing digital recording equipment and since then have been evolving away from analog gear creating a whole new way to record and hear music.

Not long ago in the 90’s music downloading came into play with sites like Napster and people were able to get full albums and or just the songs they loved free. This was a significant setback for the artists and musicians and of course, the record labels who were the businesses behind this industry.

In 2001 Apple came up with a brilliant device called the iPod, which quickly shifted the music industry again in a big way. The iPod enabled us to store hundreds or thousands of our favourite songs in the palm of our hands with no tapes being chewed up or disks getting scratched or skipping.

Consumers adapted to this technology very fast; other companies also evolved and this because of the new norm. You can easily buy your favourite song in the iTunes store, Google Play Store, Amazon Mp3, Tidal and much more.

This massive digital evolution set off mega change it also sprung a new way for independent artists to get their music into the hands of fans leaving the big record labels not as much needed to release music and have fans potentially listen to it and buy it. Sites like Tunecore, CD baby, Distro Kid and much more took heed in this new evolution giving the stage back to indie artists in a big way.

Streaming is the future.

Now the last era has arisen and we are experiencing it now as we speak, the period of music streaming, where people can easily access any music anywhere they want, anytime they want and most providers offer this service as a subscription model at a very affordable price. Mobile devices and home pod devices can already use this being connected to the internet or Wifi but soon cars will also be equipped with internet and this will render radio stations obsolete some day.

Streaming services is a big benefit for consumers as they can have access to unlimited music for next to nothing in terms of cost. There is no need to save and store any music and you can create thousands of digital cloud based playlists to listen to and share with friends for any occasion. Theses services also have advanced algorithm technologies that even assist with music discovery to help people find music they never heard of before.

YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, SoundCloud also have shifted the music industry. Their services offer music free to music lovers. They require a bit more work and are not as fluid to find music but still very amazing ways to discover new music and listen to music from the past. Gen Z really enjoys these services because they are free to use and yield high quality music.

So for you who enjoy music, or you who want to make music. You can utilize Technology to help carry out your mission and dreams!

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