The Able Kind is happy to announce our third EP is complete! As we make
our journey as independant artists, we feel it is important to surround
ourselves with: like minded musicians, great fans, intelligent managers,
and cold beers! Hats off to Rosner Management Team as they have opened
our eyes, and broadened our horizons with great advice, and opportunities
we otherwise would not have the benefit of experiencing. Please take the
time to check out our new songs, we had a great time putting them
together,and hope you will enjoy listening to them. We have started a
Gofundme campaign to help us reach our personal goal of traveling across
Canada to bring our music to those we otherwise would have a hard time
reaching out too. If you reside in Western Canada check us out on the
fall Rise Up Tour along with the other great artists under the Rosner
banner! Please support your local artists, as you know, it takes a
village. See you at the show!
Here is the link to our gofundme campaign
Love it if you also liked our facebook page as well.
The Able Kind,

Jeff Belcher

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