The Art of Offense

The Art of Offense

Hey, fellow sewer dwellers Louis Cyphier of Cyphier here to discuss an issue that has recently hit us again shocked not shocked.

The art of offence and the Facebook era have struck again.  How you ask simple….people in Sudbury came to our show twisted our words and succeeded in blocking us from playing which I would care less about if they had taken one very important step. Talk to us about it!

Let me explain the story…

Some time ago we played a show in Sudbury the venue is unimportant but on the way there a 7-hour drive we and the people in the car with us discussed some very important political and social issues as we always do and determined 2 things.

1. people don’t talk anymore about real issues

2. offended people take action

So a plan was hatched… we would turn it up to 11 put away the silly manaquin punching and other such shenanigans and spend the night doing one thing. Offend the crowd.

Now anyone that has EVER seen Cyphier live knows this isn’t a stretch.  The show we put on is always risky but this particular show we.set out to do it over the top…and I did. As usual, Jay was mostly silent as planned and threw in a few words as well as the show being taped for our own amusement. During the show we made dick jokes inappropriate commentary and at one point made some ridiculous commentary about everyone in the room having performed felacio on us but one person but we’d get to that eventually. Going way over the top with it.

Now at the end of the show I took off the clownish attitude and actually explained what they had just witnessed and even said….we are sincere in this please come talk to one of us about why you’re offended.  Not a single person did.

We walked through the bar for a good hour and stayed and partied for the rest of the night.

Now then we return home to allegations of assault on one of our travelling companions… (catagorical denied and proven false within minutes.) Our record label was contacted about our piss poor behaviour and we dealt with that. Fans from Toronto were messaged and fans from other cities as well. But what I saw as ridiculous that despite all of the invitations explaining and otherwise no one spoke to the band.

Now we booked a show this year for April 19th almost a full year later with a promoter we respect very much. The promoter was this same group of people on Facebook and blocked and treated like dirt. Of course, we agreed with the promoter to cancel the show for his business.  But remember this not a single person has ever spoken to the band about this.

The world has turned into a scary place and we have allowed it… see so many times people get offended by everything wine attack belittle the people involved in exactly the same way they were attacked. This is the era of offence and what is happening is not healthy.

As we learn block buttons and such are the way to deal with problems the very people we once fought to help are now the ones lashing out. Our message of Think for Yourself is never more important.

Our new record has many songs about this and other issues give a listen drop us a message or a review with what you think….

Welcome to the underground…

Louis Cyphier Esq.

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