Vante Poems performing live Saturday Nov 17 2018

Vante Poems is a talented Hip Hop Artist who knows how to elevate listeners minds to new levels with his clever wordplay and impactful delivery. Vante has an upcoming showcase, and we thought it would be nice to do a small interview about the show and the preparation he is undergoing to make this performance fantastic.

Q: Vante, Can you give us a bit info about what this upcoming show means to you?

This show is important to me. The venue will be packed. It’s the same venue where I had my album release party.

Q: What other artists will be performing at the show? 

The artist I’m opening up for, her name is DSTNY. She is Tory Lanes sister. Which means his company will be in attendance. If I pull this off right, I can put myself in a position where I can keep building opportunities for myself.

Q: How is rehearsal and song selection going so far for the show? 

The biggest challenge I have with this upcoming show is what songs to perform. There’s so much that goes into the decision. “What songs will hype the crowd before the headliner goes on stage” “which songs best describe me as an artist” “which song best matches the headliners sound so we know what type of audience it’s going to be” “which songs do I have performance tracks for” and I only have 10 minutes. Which means I only have time to do three songs minimum. I’ve recorded over 40 songs. So it’ll be tough narrowing down the perfect tracks. But I’ll get there.

Q: Where can fans buy tickets?

You can buy tickets directly from me. Or you can send donations via e-transfer or PayPal. You just have to let me know or contact my manager Mark Rosner.

Q: Who would you like to thank?

I want to Thank everyone for the continued support!  Stay blessed – Vante Poems

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